Our Team

Samantha Nyasha Mandiveyi

Founder & Managing Director

She worked as a Social Lab Associate at Trust Africa for the Gateway Zimbabwe social lab. Gateway Zimbabwe is a project that seeks to foster generative and sustainable peace in Zimbabwe by incorporating methodologies such as ProcessWork & Historical Dialogue, this social lab has inspired much of her work today.

She was a director and editor at Magamba Network, one of the projects she has directed and edited is Zimbabwe’s first ever political satire news show “ The Week” Season 1 - 4 which has generated over 2 million views. She produced and edited documentaries for The William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum of Atlanta. Wrote and directed an animation series for Freedom House. She hopes to create more projects that incorporate digital storytelling for sustainable community impact.

Kudzai Joshua Zawe


A writer specializing in creative writing, news articles and social commentary. Kudzai’s writing focuses on highlighting contemporary social issues with the desire to start relevant conversation around these issues. Throughout his career, Kudzai has contributed to a number of blogs and online publications.

Kudzai hopes to put Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole on the grand stage through his work. Kudzai recently studied and completed a digital marketing course offered by Google. He is currently serving as the editor for Digital Spaces Lab.

Kirkpatrick Chidamba

Writer & Director of Photography

A blogger, creative writer, and accidental photographer. He currently documents visual content, but his writing passion keeps him hooked on words. He has worked at Enthuse Afrika, managing content spanning across three online publications under the brand. He also had an opportunity to be part of the Comms Partners Team for British Council's #ArtsZW 2017-18 project.

Creating original African content that is mentally stimulating is his jam! He is currently serving as the content producer for Digital Spaces Lab.