Our Participants

Immersion Lab 2019

Our ten participants for 2019 chose to focus on the Zimbabwean economy and its effects on the ordinary citizen. Therefore, our guiding theme throughout each story is the economy. We chose to go to Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe’s largest high density town just outside of Harare, the Zimbabwean capital city. Chitungwiza has a population of just over 340 000 people.

During this process we got to live with the community and allow the immersive process to inform our work. We addressed the effects of the Zimbabwean economy through the lens of the residents of Chitungwiza. We explored these effects through the informal sector, sex workers, the water crisis, women and children, and unemployed millenials.

Lillian Chaerera


A freelance journalist whose writing focuses on the social aspects of the economy. Lately she has been concentrating on religion and educating her audience on the importance of tolerance.

She has cast her eye on socio-economic developments in the current Zimbabwean situation.

Taku Goniwa

A writer/spoken word artist.

As a diaspora child come home he fuses his work to outline a unique perspective of the modern youth coming to grips with the broken reality they find themselves in.

Amanda Marufu

A Digital Marketer, Writer, Producer and co-founder of Visual Sensation a media company aimed at spreading awareness and positivity through media. From starting her own online magazine at 15 she has continuously used the internet and media as her main source of information and has decided to develop and spread awareness through this medium.

Through blogging and content creation and now as a co-founder of the Zim Digital and Social Media Awards.

Takunda Aaron Chimutashu

An entrepreneur, engineer and filmmaker who likes to combine his unique skill set to create businesses and productions that speak with his voice and creative heart. He was born and raised Zimbabwean and he grew up to eventually study for a degree in mechatronic engineering in Cyprus.

Despite his scientific background, he prefers to dedicate his time to film making and creative works whilst using his passion for business to push his various startups and projects to new heights.

Tinatswe Mhaka

A feminist legal blogger and storyteller from Harare, writing about the lived experiences of Zimbabwean women.

Yamikani Hapaguti

A 23 year old currently working in broadcasting and media right here in Harare. She is passionate about women empowerment and personal development; believing the two will reform Zimbabwe for the better.

She enjoys using media, talk show hosting and storytelling to unravel new and unheard narratives; giving the Zimbabwean people different and new perspectives of the society they live in. She specializes in content creation, production, marketing & branding & photography.

Lennox Makurumidze

A young and passionate creative. Who mainly focuses on poetry, photography and youth empowerment.

He is a recently published author and the Creativity leader under Ignite youth organization.

Michael Chiunda

A writer, songwriter, recording and performing artist.

In 2019 he performed his work at different spaces that promote mental health awareness, advocating for freedom of expression in sexuality and gender issues.

Kudzai Joshua Zawe

A writer specializing in creative writing, news articles and social commentary. Kudzai’s writing focuses on highlighting contemporary social issues with the desire to start relevant conversation around these issues. Throughout his career, Kudzai has contributed to a number of blogs and online publications.

Kudzai hopes to put Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole on the grand stage through his work. Kudzai recently studied and completed a digital marketing course offered by Google. He is currently serving as the editor for Digital Spaces Lab.

Kirkpatrick Chidamba

A blogger, creative writer, and accidental photographer. He currently documents visual content, but his writing passion keeps him hooked on words. He has worked at Enthuse Afrika, managing content spanning across three online publications under the brand. He also had an opportunity to be part of the Comms Partners Team for British Council's #ArtsZW 2017-18 project.

Creating original African content that is mentally stimulating is his jam! He is currently serving as the content producer for Digital Spaces Lab.