The Immersion Lab

What is our Immersion Lab?

What happens when you put digital storytellers in one space where they can live together, collaborate, and experiment through a creative process for sustainable community impact? That is how the Immersion Lab was born.

Every 3 months we hold a 2 week residency/lab, during this time artists live together and collaborate on a digital collective that focuses on one specific community.

The Residency members of 2019

The main question at the heart of this process is how this collective will be used to spur solution oriented national discourse among its audience. The storytelling will lean on one basic principle that will authenticate our perspective: immersion.

We would have to spend time immersing ourselves or walking in the shoes of these communities for a few days, and document their day to day experiences. The first few days of the residency will work as a brainstorming session and crash course on storytelling, writing, journalism, documentary filmmaking and so on. Once a theme is agreed on, the participants will spend some days living within that community and documenting their experiences.

The lab engaged in a discussion and pitch session.

The end result will be the creation of a digital storytelling collective that addresses these critical issues and starts necessary dialogue through various digital platforms.

Through this we hope to build a network of individuals that can engage with us and support these communities through political and social activism.