About The Lab

What is Digital Spaces Lab?

Digital Spaces Lab is a digital platform that brings together artists, writers, journalists and creatives to collaborate on various storytelling projects for sustainable community impact and national discourse.

We believe in going beyond the headlines and breaking news to share authentic personal stories that highlight some of the challenges communities around Southern Africa face. We use various creative methodologies to experiment, produce and collaborate on these stories.

The Immersion Lab

Every 3 months we hold a 2 week residency/lab, during this time artists live together and collaborate on a digital collective that focuses on one specific community. The storytelling will lean on one basic principle that will authenticate our perspective: immersion. The first few days of the residency will work as a brainstorming session and crash course on storytelling, writing, journalism, documentary filmmaking and so on.

Once a theme is agreed on, the participants will spend some days living within that community and documenting their experiences. The end result will be the creation of a digital storytelling collective that addresses these critical issues and starts necessary dialogue through our digital platforms. Through this we hope to build a network of individuals that can engage with us and support these communities through political and social activism.

Digital Stories Lab

This space is a way to further engage communities and you the reader. Our digital stories can be anything from traditional news, opinion pieces, short documentaries, short films, illustrations, animations and social experiments. What we value is the method you will use to tell this story, from concept to creation. How will you be able to use the process to give a unique and authentic perspective? How will these stories impact the communities they are about, it’s not always about going viral.

This is a space we will populate with all kinds of creative content that will be sourced from our network of creatives, readers and more who are interested in becoming contributors, collaborators or participants. We will also use this space to share the content created through the Immersion Lab.

Slow Journalism Lab

Our Slow Journalism section is an opportunity for us to authenticate journalism and how its viewed in Zimbabwe. Our slow journalism pieces will incorporate the principles of this process.

Whether we are addressing environmental, social, cultural or political issues, these feature length pieces will be updated every month for a full year and give our readers a full circle perspective on various issues within the country.

Call Out 24

We are always on the lookout for new innovative and unique content, if you have a pitch or story idea, slide into our DM’s and we’ll get back to you in just 24 hours! We’ll keep it real and to keep your idea safe we have a built in and most importantly dated pitch submission contract you can use.

You can either send us a video pitch or if you prefer to go the traditional route, go ahead and download a submission form and fill it in, attach it to the contact box below and send it back to us. If you have time to scroll this page, we may have something you’d be interested in participating in